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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Digital Pen Pals!

I remember writing on that neat, decorative paper to students in other schools, states, and countries throughout my elementary education. I was thinking, how cool would it be to do DIGITAL PEN PALS! Not only would it be WAY easier (no postage, and can be done over e-mail!), but it could be more interactive and cooperative as a class. Here's my thinking:

The class would write a collaborative classroom letter to another classroom in their state, another state, or country (using a word processor like Microsoft Word). They can decorate the page with clip-art or pictures of the class doing things in their classroom. They then would e-mail it as an attachment to the recipient and await a reply. The class can then read the replies and figure out what they want to share next!

This could also be done on an individual basis, but the classroom letter makes it more collaborative and easier to implement on a SMART Board.

In addition, this will take some work on the teacher's part to find good recipients for letters (being sure they'll receive a reply!). Having a current e-mail address is key!


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