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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Incredible Interactives!

I learned about Arcademic from Allison Krieder, a teacher in my district, and fell in love with it at first click. FANTASTIC games, some with multi-player capabilities, that are in the arcade style truly motivate kids to do math and reading practice!

For all you history-buffs, here is a interactive Jamestown colony game... Like the old-school Oregon Trail game, this is similar, in that it walks you through life in that time. Check it out!

Squigly's games provides math, reading, geography, and other interactive games that help kids practice skills like typing, math facts, spelling, and recalling locations in specific continents. A pretty cool one!

This arcade-style site, Funschool, provides a link bar along the top of the screen which allows you to pick sites in reading, math, science and other core areas.

Quizhub is a K-12 resource that provides online quizzes for student learning, in an interactive format. I haven't had a lot of time to check it out yet, but it looks great!

Storyline is an online site that have famous folks doing digital read-alouds of popular stories online. What an awesome resource! Can't wait to use it with my kids...

ABC YA! is a new site that I have seen my kindergarten friends use with their students. It is known for it's K-5 interactive, academic games and resources. This is a must-see...

Although this site, Crickweb, is created in the UK, it has some fantastic interactive games that we can use in the US. Some math games use euros, so be sure you check before you use them in the classroom. Other than that, the games look AWESOME!

FINALLY! Draggable math was created to teach students carrying and borrowing, long division, and other basic math skills that many students struggle with. This is great!

Technology Integration in Mathematics provides interactive math games that would be fantastic for lessons or at-home practice...

I'll be here ALL NIGHT adding the last year's links... I will make a new post soon with other great places to find links! Until then, explore and ENJOY!



Blogger Laura Clotfelter said...

I noticed that no one had left a comment, but I for one was grateful to see your list of sites, and I'm going to look them all up!
Thanks, Laura Clotfelter, MO

4:24 PM  

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