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Friday, April 30, 2010

A few new sites to share... has several tools that you can use on the SMART Board for learning and classroom management. You can create your own interactives using the premade templates. One tool I really like is the random name selector (that way I don't get moans and groans for picking on students).

Taggalaxy is a REALLY sweet site that makes a galaxy out of tagged pictures that you search (from Flickr). It is a fun way to explore places, concepts and ideas because it graphically organizes the pictures by tag words. Check it out!


Blogger Eric said...

I use the random name selector from Class frequently--either to literally select student names (after lunch when everyone needs to use the bathroom), or as kind of a "Wheel of Fortune" during review games. Some of the "Wheel" entries might be: lose a turn, answer in half the time, team play, double points, reverse (applies to which team goes next), and skip the next team. The kids love watching the wheel spin around, and when they know that the process is fair, they don't gripe (as much) when it doesn't land on something they want.

I posted an article today on how I've been using my Smart Board lately to enhance content literacy (I teach 6th grade English). Students use it to write and present narratives as a way of anticipating reading a related text. We had major success! If you want to read about it, hop along to:

11:14 AM  
Blogger cv said...

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Blogger Ryan C said...

Here are a few other tools that teachers may find useful: - an online timer that can be used for timing assessments and other activities. - generates sets of random words and images that can then be manipulated. Useful for a variety of creative activities. - a Mastermind like game. It is fun to play as a class and teaches logical thinking.

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Blogger Louise Scott said...


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