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Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Back!!! :)

Hey blog followers!

I apologize for my absence! My life has been full with, well, LIFE! The last time I posted, I had a newborn baby, and my husband deployed with the military (and is still gone), so I've been quite busy, to say the least! My posts from back then still apply and rock now, so I hope you enjoy going back through my past posts and find some use for them!

I have a few new resources:
Since posting last, Scholastic has come up with a great site for resources for our SMART Boards!
I haven't had a ton of time to check out these games, but I've heard that some are pretty good!
PBS Kids has a great collection of interactives!
Here's a well-organized site for you to check out resources by grade level and subject area!

That's it for now! My new endeavor has been iTouches! Over the last three months, I've received two grants that have gotten me, almost, an entire classroom set of iTouches, so I hope to see if many of these sources work on the iTouches! :)



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