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Friday, January 05, 2007

Digital Read-Alouds and Stories! provides FREE digital read-alouds for K-3 level books! Register, download or play live stories (with or without a voice reading the story). THEY ARE WONDERFUL! What a great idea for students to do as a class in the morning as a welcome, after recess as a cool down, or before they go home as a treat. The link to this site is under the READING tag along the left of the page. ENJOY!

The Human Body/ Health Topics

THIS SITE IS AMAZING! You must try on your SMART Board with your kids!

This site has kid-friendly information about their bodies and other health topics, as well as awesome, interactive resources for kids. A MUST SEE! This would be a great resource for MANY writing prompts and other activities. One writing prompt idea for starters:

Pretend you are a germ. Tell me about your story of trying to get into and around the human body.

Kids can use the touch-screen to discuss the travels of a germ (from the mouth, spreading through the body), and other things like how blood, oxygen, nutrients travel as well.

MATH PALS! A Math and Writing Activity!

If you read a few posts below this one, you'll see my idea about digital pen pals. Well, sure enough, here is one version of this idea, but only in the area of MATH! If you sign up for, you can get a daily or weekly math challenge with another classroom!

Happy Writing and Calculating!